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Better You Coaching is an ongoing exclusively online program proven to help women move forward and reach their health and fitness goals.   We work closely together to create new habits, make realistic & maintainable changes to their nutrition, incorporate regular movement into their lives, and uncover the thoughts and beliefs that are holding them back, so that they can take back control and feel amazing.

Discover your confidence.  Learn to love who you are.  Believe you CAN.










Home Workouts

A database of 10 minute workout videos that we do together. New workouts are uploaded regularly. Each workout is filmed with two trainers for advanced and beginner options. The written workout is also available.  Some of our popular live virtual stretching session recordings are also uploaded for you to experience and enjoy.

Monthly Live Coaching Calls

Every month, we will get together to chat all things progress, mindset, habits and motivation. Connection is so important, and this is just one way that we can support each other to be the best version of ourselves.

Nutrition Plans

Included in the program are Nutritionist/Naturopath designed meal plans ideal for hormone balancing, gut healing and optimal female health. GF, DF and Vegan included. Prefer simple? A simple plan is included, as well as just basic guidelines to get started.

Recipe Database

Amanda’s favourite family friendly recipes are uploaded in one easy to find location for you to enjoy.

Mindset Coaching

Our most important tool is our mind. The program includes journalling prompts, tasks and support to start recognising and changing your inner beliefs to finally see and feel the results you deserve!

Private Support Community

Our private Facebook community is a priceless support network where you can share your challenges, celebrate your wins and ask questions to get the most out of your time as a Better You member.

Guest Experts

We regularly invite guest experts to come in and offer their wisdom and knowledge to give you even more support and tools to help you on your journey.

Monthly Virtual Training Session

Join me monthly for a LIVE virtual training session where I personally coach you through an entire workout.

I am right here with you every step of the way. 

This online coaching program isn’t for you if you are looking for a quick fix.  This is for you if you are ready to take responsibility for your health and your happiness and are willing to commit and do the work.  It is for you if you are ready to say goodbye to the yo-yo dieting, the self sabotage, and the doubt and are ready to welcome in a balanced, healthy lifestyle that you enjoy, that leaves you feeling energised and excited for the new day, in your own version of your healthiest body (because it looks different on every body!)     


Hear what our wonderful clients have to say…

Hey! I’m Amanda and I created my ‘Better You’ coaching program because I have been exactly where you are right now.  

Because I know what it is like to be unhappy with who I am, always being controlled by the ‘mean girl’ in my mind, and feeling confused by how and what to do to be the best version of myself.  I was confused about what to eat, how to move my body and just what I needed to ensure I was the happiest and healthiest version of myself.  

It is time for me to share what I have learnt, the valuable tools that have worked for me, as well as offering my priceless support as you learn to create healthy and sustainable habits.  

When you focus on who you want to be, and why, and make choices for the right reasons, everything changes.

It is magic.

And I want to share how with you, and be there with you every step of the way.

We are in this together! 


Become a part of a priceless group of like minded women who are ready to be your own personal cheersquad as you discover who you are again.

Join the wait list for the next intake.

Create a life that feels good on the inside, not one that just looks good on the outside.

Amanda first discovered the power of movement and nutrition back in 2011 after the birth of her second child.  Improving her moods, balancing her hormones and reducing stress became her main motivator for exercising and eating the foods she knew supported her body.  The physical changes became just the bonus.  Because what is the point of looking a certain way, if she still felt insecure and unhappy on the inside?   When we make the changes for the right reasons, everything changes.  After discovering a passion and urge to help other women, to share what she had discovered, and create a safe space for them to give back to themselves, she studied her Certificate III and IV in Fitness in 2015 and ALF Health was created.  Always expanding her knowledge, she has gone on to complete further Pre & Post Natal Fitness studies, and is half way through her Certificate in Health & Nutrition Coaching.  She is excited to offer this unique, balanced approach to health, fitness and happiness to you from the comfort and convenience of your own home, wherever that is!


Lucy Fitzgibbons is our resident Naturopath/Nutritionist within our Better You Coaching program.

Lucy is a naturopath that is deeply passionate about women’s health, hormones, nutrition, and herbal medicine. In Lucy’s clinical practice she blends traditional healing wisdom with the latest scientific research to deliver safe and effective holistic treatments. Lucy loves educating women about the role that hormones play in our energy levels, moods, sleep, relationships, dietary choices and more. Lucy believes that by balancing our hormones and living in alignment with our natural menstrual cycles we are able to enhance the way we work, exercise, and live. Lucy endeavours to always find and treat the root cause of health issues, for long term healing & symptom resolution. 

Lucy has created a guide including the three nutrition plans for the program, gut health tips, a grocery shopping guide and supplementation recommendations so that you can ensure you are achieving maximum results to support your ongoing health goals.  Lucy has also provided us a simple three day nutrition plan for those just wanting to make a start. Lucy will be available throughout the program to ask any questions as well as offering live Q&A’s.

You can find Lucy at:

Instagram: @lucy_fitz 


Here’s what my amazing clients have to say…

“I found by being apart of the online program I had the motivation to do better for myself and actually get my shit together.
My body shape changed and I felt strong and healthy and for the first time in a long time – and I was actually being told I looked fit and healthy!!”

“Amanda, you’re amazing! And definitely go above and beyond for all of us! You get out what you put in. And I’m giving it my all. And loving the results and the person I’m becoming. Can’t thank you enough!”

“At the start of term 2 I felt like I was just signing up to another gym yet again, saying I was going to achieve all these thing that I’ve said so many times before but never actually achieved and now I feel like I really am on the path to achieving all the things I have set out and I now know that I haven’t just signed up to any regular gym, ALF is so much more than that, the continued support and personalisation is more than I could have ever expected!”

“I expected it to be good, however, it has been way more than I expected. Not only am I getting access to the awesome recipes and getting to train with amazing ladies, I am getting so much support from the women who are on the journey together and you amazing trainers. We are such a supportive group of women (which is hard to find!) that are there to celebrate our wins and help when we are feeling low, we all just get each other and I LOVE IT!”

“At the start of Term 2 I felt like I probably just wasted money because I could never stick to anything before. And now I feel like I found the right place to be as an ALF member. I mentally and physically feel so much stronger than ever before and I can’t wait to continue to get to my goal !”

“I just wanted to say thank you 😍

The online challenge has been amazing. I have lost a total of 7kg and have learnt to kick bad habits and start to enjoy a happy healthy lifestyle. I have loved all the yummy recipes that have been shared and the workouts are great, they weren’t too long so they’re easy to fit into a busy schedule.”

“The workouts are amazing and while challenging they are simple enough to understand and do on my own. Also the amount of support and trust between everyone is amazing and really helps with motivation”

“I came into this without a lot of expectation as to not create a lot of pressure for myself. It has blown me away how much I look forward to the Monday chats and just reading how everyone is getting on and seeing where their journey is taking them.”

“At the start of term 2 l felt very anxious and overwhelmed. I disliked who l was, I always looked at things with a negative attitude, Never believed in myself and now l have a better mindset and look at things with a better and much more positive perspective.”

“At the start of term 2 I felt lethargic and really unhappy with myself. My mental health was getting me very down and I wasn’t giving the best of myself to my family. 

Now I feel so energetic and happy (most of the time!) I feel like I CAN change my body and my health, I know that this isn’t the end, but just the beginning of me getting to where I want to be. Thankyou Amanda and Kyrsten 💕”

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment will I need?

Whilst many of the workouts can be done without equipment, I recommend a skipping rope, step or bench and one or two pairs of dumbbells (2-3kgs and 4-6kgs).  Resistance Loop Bands are also amazing for glute activation! BUT if you don’t have these, you can use anything from around the house, or omit.

Is it suitable for all fitness levels?

Absolutely!  Each video is filmed with Kyrsten and Amanda showing so many different variations!  Whether you are considering your fitness level, pelvic floor, abdominal separation or joints that don’t like high impact, there should be an option for you.  

We know that it is not always possible to attend a boot camp, or go to a gym to receive that guidance, so we believe in having these variations available to you is so important.   It isn’t just a cookie cutter program, it feels like we are right there with you in your lounge room!  And if you are unsure of what you could or should be doing, ask in our Facebook group.  One size does not fit all, and we get that!

How is the program structured?

The program is ongoing, which means you can start with us at any time, and take it at your own pace.  We provide a weekly workout plan, as well as regular challenges to keep you motivated.  But, the workouts, the mindset coaching, the nutrition plans and recipes are all there for you to enjoy.  

How does the payment plan work?

When signing up you can choose between our monthly membership or our annual membership.  The payment will be deducted immediately upon sign up and will continue either monthly, or annually, until you choose to cancel.  Upon cancellation, you will lose access to the portal.  

I have health problems and/or joint conditions, can I participate?

We ask that you consult your medical practitioner before commencing any fitness program.  Our program is designed for healthy individuals with consideration predominantly for weaker pelvic floors and post-partum.   In this instance, an online program is unable to be as thorough or as personalised as personal training sessions and therefore may not be safe or suitable for you to participate at home without suitable guidance and supervision.  A health and fitness pre-screen questionnaire does need to be completed prior to starting, so please check your suitability for the program before signing up. 

I am already a client; do I get a discount?

We love that we already get to support you through your Lockyer Valley membership!  However, the online training program is completely separate and is perfect in addition to your membership, or as a stand alone program.  Due to the affordable payment options now included with the ongoing Better You program, there is no further discount available at this time. 

I have more questions.

Please email Amanda at  Or, if you are ready to join, sign up above.

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