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6 Week Better You Coaching


Better You Coaching

Amanda is finally offering you her ‘Better You’ program for the first time in years so that you can finish 2023 feeling GOOD.

It is as simple, and as powerful as that.  Is that not what everyone wants?  To feel good?

This is not your typical 6 week challenge, but a holistic and balanced coaching program that is achievable to the busy, tired, overwhelmed Mum and anyone looking to hit reset or have the accountability to transform.

Over 6 weeks, you will be supported, motivated, inspired and educated  to create healthier habits that will have you feeling more confident, comfortable in your clothes, experiencing less anxiety and actually proud of everything you do and are!

You will see and feel results and be excited to continue after the 6 weeks.  Unlike other programs, you won’t be left feeling hungry, restricted or like you are on a diet, or on the countdown to an ‘end date’.

The Only Thing Holding You Back is You

The words in our head can be loud, deafening, discouraging and downright rude.  We want something for ourselves, yet come up with a million and one reasons why we can’t.

We are left feeling defeated and then the constant chatter ramps up even uglier, telling ourselves ‘why bother when you always fail?’

We start making positive changes, notice some results, and then self sabotage.  It feels like one step forward, five steps back.  Over and over and over again.  We start. Quit. Start. Quit. And every attempt we get angrier and angrier at ourselves.  We keep breaking our promises, which makes us lose our self belief, our hope.  We feel defeated. Unfixable.

Better You offers powerful and priceless mindset coaching so that you can finally get the results you crave, and actually give yourself permission to acknowledge them, celebrate them, and KEEP them!

Amanda knows exactly how mean that inner critic can be, how you can be drowning in self loathing, and feelings of defeat, and she is going to pass on everything she has learnt over her lifetime to help you begin or continue the journey conquering your mind!

Join us from Monday, 30th October 2023.


What to expect


– Weekly live coaching and check in calls

– FREE Virtual Unlimited membership (valued at $49/week)

– Access to exclusive ‘Better You’ coaching Friday sessions 

– Access to exclusive ‘Better You’ Breathe & Stretch sessions

– 10 Minute Home Workouts

– Custom Macro calculations for your individual goals, learn how to track your intake and nutrition coaching

– Progress tracking & Fitness testing

– A private Facebook group for motivation and accountability

– Weekly guided online meditation, breathwork and stretch sessions (prerecorded).

– Daily emails for inspiration

– Weekly journal prompts and habit tracking

– 24/7 coaching support


You’ll Never Feel Ready

Did you know that when you want to do something, if you don’t take action within the first 5 seconds, it is likely that you won’t? Your comfort zone, your old patterns and beliefs and fear of failure kicks in, and you talk yourself out of it.

Like everything, there will always be bills, there will always be chores, there will always be something to do, something else to do, some place to be, some expectation, somebody else to please, somebody else to look after.

The right time is the time you decide it is the right time. You will never feel ready.  The ducks will never be all in a row.  But time is passing.  It is not a race, nor is there an end date.  

You can come up with excuses, or you can just take the leap. 

It is YOU vs YOU.

It is YOU deciding to choose YOU.

It is YOU choosing happiness, confidence and health.

It is YOU choosing self respect, self acceptance and self love.

It is YOU choosing to believe in and discover the power in looking after yourself first. The ripple effect it creates within your relationships, your parenting and your everyday. 

It is YOU deciding a BETTER YOU is what you deserve. 

Join us from Monday, 30th October 2023.


I finally decided I needed to do this! Just get up and go – as much as I was so nervous and worried I would pass out. I did – and thank you!  Not only do I feel a burn and less stress, I feel like a new me & I can’t wait to keep on improving that new me.  


As a busy parent, finding time to go to the gym can be challenging, but virtual gym has been a game changer.

Virtual only makes it an ideal fitness solution for those with limited time like me. I highly recommend virtual gym to fellow parents looking for a convenient and effective way to restart their fitness goals. It’s flexible, fun, and supportive.


I have participated in all different sessions during my time at ALF. For the last couple of years, being a busy working mum of three active children, I have relied on virtual sessions to maintain my fitness. Virtual training suits my lifestyle and I still have that accountability to show up, rather than trying to find time on my own. Amanda informed me of the equipment I would need which I was able to purchase easily. I still feel very much a part of ALF, even if it’s over a screen! Without it, I wouldn’t be exercising – thanks Amanda for providing this flexibility for busy Mums like me!


I think you have curated something special at ALF – I used to get anxiety going to my last bootcamp group.  It just feels like home going to your sessions.  It’s ironic though.  I used to have all the time in the world and make all the excuses not to go.  Now all I want to do is go to all of the sessions.


One Day, or Day One – You Decide!

Dowload my 7 Day Bikini Butt & Slimmer Thighs Bootcamp

Thank you so much!

Dowload my 7 Day Core Blasting Bootcamp

Thank you so much!

Dowload my 7 Day Full Body Bootcamp

Thank you so much!

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