Sometimes we know what we want to do.

Sometimes we don’t.

Sometimes we do things we know aren’t good for us.

Sometimes we actually choose to do the things we know are good for us.

Sometimes we feel like we can take on the world.

Sometimes we just want to hide under the doona all day.

Sometimes our mind wants to do something, but our body refuses to follow.

Sometimes our body has the energy, but our mind sabotages its potential.

The capacity to love.

The capacity to move.

The capacity to work.

The capacity to heal.

The capacity to make decisions.

The capacity to parent.

The capacity to clean.

The capacity to cook.

We hear about having our cup filled, and ensuring we only give from the overflow, but what happens when we feel constantly running on empty?  Or we fight so hard for so long, that we forget what it is actually like to take care of our own self?  And then, if by chance, when we finally take a step towards the future we want, everything crashes into us, and we are left empty, and numb, and void, and just simply, a state of nothingness, which is actually a state of something.

When we need to grant ourselves permission to STOP and just BE, instead of pushing forward always, running away when we tell ourselves we are running towards.

To have the capacity to laugh, we need to give ourselves permission to cry.

To have the capacity to work efficiently, we need to give ourselves permission to rest.

To have the capacity to heal, we need to let ourselves feel.

We need to have compassion and patience and understanding when we want to do allllll the things yet we don’t have the reserves to actually do them, yet.

We need to let ourselves have ideas, and dreams, and goals, but still, have permission to pause.

Time to pause, to reflect, to heal, to recover, to catch up on the years of neglect, ignorance, hurt and sabotage.

Who you surround yourself with, matters.

How you spend your time, matters.

The words you think, matter.

Prioritise increasing your capacity, not by pushing to do more, but by taking a step back and making time for the things that help you.

The things that make you smile when inside yourself wants to break.

The things that make you believe you are enough, when you are questioning whether you have anything at all to offer those around you.

The things that give you energy, when a part of you doesn’t even want to get out of bed.

The things that support your glow, instead of hiding in the shadows.

This week I set some intentions.

  • Movement every day
  • Respectful nutrition choices
  • Daily gratitude journalling
  • Working on my beliefs
  • Being present
  • Less scrolling

We can only be the version of ourselves that are reflected in our actions.

It is time to start showing up as the version of you that excites you.

Are you?

It is my time to continue the healing journey, increasing my capacity to give more to others, by first giving more to myself.

I can see the light, and I am excited.

I still fall, but I don’t stay down for as long.

And that comes from prioritising the things I know helps, even on the days where I don’t want to do it.

We ALWAYS need the things most, on the days we feel like showing up for ourselves the least.

And when we actually realise this, we become stronger.  We believe in our worth, we respect our body and our mind, and we feel more in control of our choices, we take our power back!


Don’t give up on you.

We need to give to ourselves first.

Increase your capacity.

That is why I created all of this.  For busy Mums, women, who have spent way too many years neglecting their own needs, to finally stand up and believe they are worth it!

My mess is now my message.

If I can get to where I am today, you absolutely can too.

Here’s to no longer accepting simply surviving, and start thriving.


If you need support, wish to get started with us, or just want to share your story, please don’t hesitate to reach out. xx 





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