Don’t Quit On Yourself

I can’t keep quitting on myself.

You can’t keep quitting on yourself.

Exercising, eating well, but scales going up?

Exercising, eating well, but clothes getting tighter?

Eating well, taking supplements prescribed by naturopath but skin not clearing?

Eating well, ditching the toxic products, but hormones not balancing?

Investing in yourself and things blow up and all of a sudden you feel guilty for spending money on yourself?

Progress photo after progress photo after progress photo and never the after photo you want to see?

Sometimes it’s SHIT!

It’s NOT EFFING WORKING fast enough.

We want evidence that it’s worth it NOW!

But we forget it takes time. Sometimes f&$king years. Sometimes we think we see and feel progress than BAM!  Shit happens.

In these moments, we mostly give up. We fall down. We binge. We sabotage and we do all the things that we know don’t help.

But it hurts. It’s hurts when you want something so badly and it’s not happening for you.

Sometimes we need to reverse years and years of damage and self neglect or hormone imbalance. Sometimes we need to take the bandaid off the symptom to get to the bottom of the cause.

It’s hurts when you see others change one simple thing and BAM! They get results. Why can’t you see such a dramatic difference when you’re seemingly doing it all?

That’s life …. I don’t have the answers .. but I can share your frustrations. I can share your hurt and impatience. I can share your confusion and doubt.

And I can also share awareness.

Awareness and encouragement.

I’m making a pledge not to quit on myself.

I’ve made changes to my diet and nutrition focusing on gut health and skin health and it’s not going to happen overnight. It’s a long term goal. And quitting on myself every time a break out is on the verge, or happening, is just going to keep the vicious cycle happening. The vicious cycle ends now.

So next time you feel fat or frumpy or you feel like you suck at your workout or suck at life or the numbers of the scales screw with your head…


It’ll be worth it. If we keep faith.

Let’s focus on where we are going and not where we are and definitely not where we were.

Because when you look back you have made progress, we have made progress, and even if we can’t see it, we can feel it and we have learnt from it and we are stronger, more resilient and we are becoming closer to discovering the best version of ourselves doing what we need to do to be whoever we want to be and who we deserve to be.

There’s a reason for every set back and challenge and message from our body and a reason for every breakthrough.

And this post is more for me than it is for you.

I can’t self sabotage. Not this time. I won’t.

I will keep my eye on the prize.

Self love 💜 Radiating from the inside out.

Are you ready to stop quitting too?
We are ready to support you.

Much love,


Are you ready to flourish?

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