I Decided That “I am Enough”
==> I decided I am enough <==

I was …

the person who was bullied from early primary school to early high school

the person who was always selected last for school team selection

the person who always came last in everything

the person who was teased for her bad skin, her hairy legs and armpits when the other girls had already started shaving

the person who was called Rudolph because of her red bright pimply rose

the person that didn’t know who she wanted to be

the person who struggled to make and maintain friendships

the person who didn’t look after herself

the person who didn’t give a second thought about exercise

the person who didn’t want to be in the spotlight

the person who was scared to be honest about her emotions

the person who hated being around other people at the same time as craving to be loved

the person who wanted to please everybody else without thinking about herself

the person who wondered whether she even had a place in this world

the person who always thought she wasn’t loved because she there was something wrong with her

the person that was a size 6 but looked in the mirror and saw she was fat and occasionally stuck her fingers down her throat

the person who was told she was wasting her brains and talent for not going for a university degree

the person who had no where to meet friends or partners after leaving school in a small town

the person who as a teenager spent hours online on messenger and chat rooms because I didn’t know how to be myself in real life. Pretending was easier than being real.

the person who didn’t seek out better or answers to things that kept happening

the person that held grudges and got deeply hurt by others

the person who went through life ticking off a list of the husband, the house, the kids, the stuff without actually being truly happy because I didn’t even know who I was internally

I can’t pinpoint the exact moment I realised I wanted more. That I started realising I could be more. The moment I realised that my life looked perfect but I was still empty. And it didn’t need to be this way.

I started looking at myself.

I started looking at what I was doing.

I started looking at what I was eating.

I started looking at how I was moving.

It all started with physical things. Things that I controlled in my environment.

I started paying attention to what made me feel good and what I craved to do more of.

I started creeping outside of my comfort zone and experiencing other things.

I started reading books and stories of others who have overcome this epic confusion and lack of fulfilment.

I reached out to professionals and coaches and people who knew how to support and guide me through this self development and transformation.

I started being vulnerable and honest with my feelings, my thoughts and who I knew I could be.

I started believing that it really was possible to find happiness, to create a job you love, to have a life full of abundance, to really ‘live the dream’.

I wholeheartedly believed that with self growth comes a life that you love to live.

I wholeheartedly believed that once I worked through the layers of shit and the beliefs and actions that had been engrained into me, that I’d lived throughout my entire life, that things could change.

I believed in my own power.

I knew that I no longer wanted a bandaid solution but to heal the root cause of everything holding me back, emotionally and physically.

I respected my flaws and weaknesses and started seeing them as my uniqueness.

I realised what was once a problem was now a gift.

I realised that my life changed when I realised I was worth it and I was enough exactly the way I am.

My body became healthier.

My skin is becoming clearer.

My relationships are better.

I made friends, real, true, gorgeous, authentic, fun and meaningful friendships.

My business thrived.

I went on adventures.

Everything is falling into place.

It’s taken work.

It’s taken help from support teams of naturopaths, business coaches, life coaches, psychologists and other therapists but I’m getting there.

And you know what? It’s the support, it’s the accountability, it’s having someone believing in you and your potential that keeps you going.

The healing, the growth, ultimately comes from within. Nobody can change you except yourself. It comes from what you’re thinking, what you’re feeling, what you’re doing, and what action you are taking and whether or not you believe in what you are working towards.

You need to have patience and a determination of steel.

But you can change.

Everything changes the moment you allow yourself to know that there is more out there for you.

That there are unlimited possibilities.

You have unlimited potential.

And you have nothing getting in your way except for the lessons that are there to learn along the way, for a bigger and better purpose.

Don’t stay stuck where you are.

Growing, discovering, and being who I am now, beats the person I was hands on. But guess what? I’m the same person, I’m just not hiding and broken anymore.

I have the same flaws.

I have the same challenges.

I have the same ‘weaknesses’.

But you learn to live with them. You learn to accept them. And eventually you even learn to love them.

You learn to realise it’s the voice in your head holding you back ; that you have the power and the control to change it all around.

You absolutely can have more, feel more, experience more.

The glass can go from half empty to half full.

You can start living instead of merely existing, feeling lost.

That’s why I’m here.

To help you believe you’re WORTHY of it until you BELIEVE that you are yourself.

To help you with the small steps you can take to slowly make your FOREVER CHANGE.

To help you stay accountable amidst the challenges and the lessons and the road blocks.

To surround you with inspiring, motivational and empowering women who can be your cheerleaders if and when you’re lonely and unsupported.

To have someone who understands in a world that sometimes initially won’t understand your chosen path.

To help you see what people around you see.


And you will always belong.

Comment below and tell me how you want to feel, your long term goal, when you aren’t doubting it’s possibility.

Are you ready to flourish?

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