Our Story

In 2015, ALF Health: Fitness & Nutrition was born.

After realising how powerful regular movement and balanced nutrition was in her own journey towards improved health and happiness, Amanda discovered an intense passion for supporting other women towards self-acceptance and more confidence.

Originally starting as a local Hatton Vale bootcamp, ALF Health quickly become Lockyer Valley’s only exclusive female fitness community.  Welcoming Kyrsten to the team in 2018, we offer an extensive timetable with sessions in Gatton, Glenore Grove, Plainland, Hatton Vale and virtually, from anywhere in Australia. 

In 2020, our Breathe. Move. Be, Finding Balance to Flourish, philosophy was created.  With a strong desire to move even further away from the weight loss pressures, the strict diet culture, and the, at times, overwhelming expectations within the fitness industry, ALF Health continues to offer a safe, judgement free zone, providing different, and balanced, workout styles and intensities to suit every fitness level and capability whilst catering for the emotional struggles that stop so many women from reaching their health goals.    

We believe that all movement should be celebrated.  As females, our needs and energy fluctuate daily, and when we learn to listen to what our body is saying and show up in ways that support our mind and body, everything changes, which is why we offer a range of training styles so that each week you can make a choice that is showing kindness to your body.  Movement is a gift, not a punishment. 

With the daily stress, overwhelm, anxiety and never ending to do list, and Amanda and Kyrsten’s own individual journeys, we knew we needed to give ourselves permission to slow down, accept where we are at, BREATHE and learn to just BE.  And this approach changed everything. 

Health is not just about what you eat, or how often, or hard, you move, it is about what you say to yourself.  It is about knowing that you are enough every single day.  It is about identifying the stories and beliefs that are keeping you stuck and choosing a new way forward.  It is about focusing on how you FEEL and believing you deserve to feel amazing.

ALF Health offers a balanced and kind approach to movement, mindset and health coaching plus our priceless unconditional support and community so that you can move away from the constant yo-yo dieting, overwhelm and exhausted daily grind, and constant self-sabotaging, and move towards living a consistent, balanced, lifestyle that is FUN, EASY to maintain, that you LOVE and that makes you FEEL good, from the inside out.   

Meet Amanda

Founder & Trainer

Hi, I’m Amanda, mum of 2, friend, entrepreneur and chocaholic!

Fun fact: I have only ever lived in two houses my entire life, and both in the Lockyer Valley!

I discovered a love for healthy eating, and movement, to support and bring me back from a place of depression, self-loathing and disgust. I was lost. I didn’t know who “Amanda” was anymore. I didn’t even know who I wanted to be. And I was on a mission to find her.

My self-care list comprises of weekends near the ocean, foodie dates with friends, facials, massages, floats, saunas, journaling, listening to music, sleep ins, raw treats, candlelit magnesium baths, or reading trashy romance novels!

I am still discovering who I am, and how I can be, look and feel, the way I deserve, and want to be, look and feel. I love connecting with and helping other women discover that and sharing their journey alongside with them, because when women support other women, incredible things happen.

Meet Kyrsten

Client & Trainer

Hello! I’m Kyrsten, mother of 2, wife to a fifo husband , biscuit dunker & tea drinker.

In 2017, I started training with Amanda at ALF Health and in what has been a whirlwind was the start of my new adventure. I found confidence and I found something that set my heart on fire. I became very passionate about attending my sessions and the positive impact which they were having on my mental and physical health.

I wanted to share this incredible opportunity with others- so in March 2018 I became a qualified PT. I want to be remembered as the mum who always got involved. Who climbed those mountains, who went for scooter rides, or got dunked in the waves while trying to ride a bodyboard.

Being a positive role model and setting a good example for my children is very important to me. They are my inspiration, my biggest supporters.

Fun Fact: I am a terrible scooter rider! I love hot baths, dancing to music, big breakfasts, chilling with friends, online shopping, sunsets and lazy Sundays.

My favourite thing about being a trainer is being able to provide a safe and secure space for all women of all fitness levels. I smile as I watch friendships blossom, or that they have realised how a strong mind helps them both at workouts and in their daily life. Our sessions are full of celebration – they are uplifting and inspiring.. and I am so lucky that I get to play a role in that !


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