Welcome to Better You 2023!

You will receive more information soon.

However, let’s start getting you organised by joining the Facebook group and introducing yourself!

If you have never trained with ALF before, or haven’t for at least two years, please complete your new client prescreen form.

The Better You Program includes individually calculated macros/calories and a custom designed 1 day meal plan example.  If you would like this, please complete the Nutrition questionnaire below.

If you are adding training on throughout the program, head to the website/app and book in your sessions.  More information for Virtual Training will be included within the Facebook group and via your welcome email.  Exclusive Better You sessions will be decided on each week within the Facebook group.

Download & print your Goal Setting questionnaire, complete it before we start and return to your trainer for accountability and safe keeping.  Physically writing out our goals, thoughts and intentions can be much more powerful than just thinking them in our minds.  If you would like help with progress tracking, please arrange a time for your trainer to do this for you.

Dowload my 7 Day Bikini Butt & Slimmer Thighs Bootcamp

Thank you so much!

Dowload my 7 Day Core Blasting Bootcamp

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Dowload my 7 Day Full Body Bootcamp

Thank you so much!

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