What are you saying to yourself?

Hey beauty!  We want to start to uncover and raise awareness towards how we speak to ourselves, what we say, how we feel, what we think.  It can be confronting, but just take baby steps towards it, and go in with no judgement, just observation.

How do you speak to yourself?

What thoughts do you think?

What do you say out loud?

What do you say to others?

Words I commonly hear are, “fat” “disgusting” “stupid” “hopeless” “unfit” “pathetic” “ugly”. You would NOT say any of that to your best friend.  

So, what makes you think you can say it to yourself?

And when your children hear you say that, do you know that they then think this is the normal and they will go on to say that about themselves when they are older?

I know that if my 8-year-old thought about herself the way I have felt about myself before, I would be shattered. 

We can change it.  We can break the cycle.  We can show them that love for yourself is possible and is not selfish or conceited.

What you focus on expands.

You focus on being unfit, fat, disgusting, stupid, pathetic, guess where you will stay? Yep.

You punish yourself or criticise yourself for being unfit, but why not encourage and compliment yourself for doing something to make a positive change? 

Progress is amazing! Why not change your focus on what you want to be instead? Why not focus on becoming healthier and happier instead?  Why not focus on being your ideal weight, or feeling vibrant and confident? It might sound silly, but hating on yourself hasn’t worked, so why not try a different method? Sometimes it is as simple as changing your wording.

If someone says, “why are you exercising?”, instead of saying, “Because I don’t want to be fat”, say, “because I want to be healthy and confident”.

Focus on where you are going, not what you are running away from. If you think these horrible thoughts about yourself now, I can guarantee you that they will most likely always be there, whether you are a size 18 or a size 10.

Your opinion of yourself is simply a perception.  

Which you have the choice to change.  Right now. If you are running away from something you hate about yourself, out of fear or disgust, you will never be happy. It is time to accept yourself NOW as you are.    This does not mean staying unhealthy, and tired, and overweight.  This means accepting who you are, knowing your worth, and then treating yourself with the respect and love that you would provide to your child, to your best friend, and to, well basically, anyone else but yourself.

When you start making decisions because you value who you are, and you want to feel amazing, because you deserve to feel amazing, health starts to become easier and more consistent. When you keep running away from fat and self-loathing, you will never get where you want to be.

Run towards health. Run towards happiness. Run towards confidence. Run towards energy. Run towards gratitude.

And you will feel it all start coming together. And start being aware of that nasty mean girl in your head, because SHE is the one holding you back, not you.  And tell her to shut up!  We will be talking about her in more depth in coming weeks.

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