Trust the Process

You get to a time where motivation is running out, we might be looking in the mirror or jumping on the scales and thinking, “why hasn’t this happened, or that happened?” We are from an instant gratification society.  We want it NOW.  We don’t want to wait, or work for it. 

We go gangbusters all keen, and when it’s not happening fast enough, we stop, go backwards, and then kick ourselves for giving up too early. Stop.  That cycle ends here. You are now going to repeat; Trust the process.

Trust the process. Trust the process. How long did it take to create the habits that have gotten to where you are right now? How long did it take for your body to gain the extra 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 kgs? How long did it take of hating your reflection, emotional binging on food, until you realised – sh!t, I need to stop this? I know for me, when I gained my weight, I didn’t even realise it was happening.  It was a steady gain, and something that no one around me even noticed.  I was caught up in a funk, and I didn’t see it happening.  I was blinded by stress and overwhelm.  It happens. The first step is to forgive yourself for getting to the point where you were no longer healthy or happy. The second step is to tell yourself that you deserve to feel healthy and happy and that you love yourself enough to make it happen. I don’t want you running away from what you are because you hate it. You need to be focusing on what you DO want and for the right reasons. That yo-yo dieting cycle?  It comes from fear.  It comes because of unrealistic expectations you, or society have put on yourself.  It comes from self loathing and self disgust. Imagine what would happen if you tried something different? If you started eating and moving because you were focusing on what made you feel good and why you want to feel good. Why does it matter how long it takes? Why does it matter if it takes 2 years instead of 8 weeks? Time is passing anyway. And even if you are making unsteady, slow progress, it is still progress…and in two years time, you will be SO grateful that you didn’t give up when times were tough. It is NOT going to be easy.  But it can be. If you trust the process. And don’t let life’s challenges stop you from doing what you know you want to do, and who you want to be. Remain stubborn about what you want.  And flexible in the strategies to get there. Where you are didn’t happen overnight, and it is not going to disappear overnight either. But your perception can change with daily practice, creating new habits, physical and emotional. Trust the process. Change takes time. And look for ALL areas of progress, not just a number, or the perception of the reflection in the mirror that can change way too often to be accurate.

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