Self Sabotage


Big topic!

You would have already felt some of this and reading this, you may have some "Uh huh!" moments.

Always being tested.

Every single day.

So many different ways of sabotage.

Some common patterns of sabotage include:

Fear of results - what is on the other side of success?  What if I am still not happy when I get there?

Overwhelm - it is a pattern.  When you are so close to moving past into the happier version of yourself, you get so busy, and stop yourself from moving forward  because you allow yourself to feel overwhelmed, stressed and tired.

Give yourself too many options - You look into too many options, instead of choosing one way, and moving forward.  We confuse ourselves instead of keeping things simple.  We use the excuse "it's too hard, or I don't know where to start", instead of just taking simple action.

Quitting - where do you quit during the day, instead of pushing through even if it is uncomfortable?  We make the choices easy when it is easy, but as soon as things get a little challenging, we quit making the choices that support our goals.

Telling negative stories in your head - The stories unconsciously keep you safe.  They keep you in the comfort zone.  They keep you were you know. Your external reality reflects your internal reality.  Powerful, which we have touched on already and are already working on changing it around.  It is a daily habit.

Not taking responsibility - you have the power.  We regularly give it away.  We use the excuse of other people bringing foods into the house, or other people stopping us from exercising.  We blame our work, or the kids.  It is finding excuse, after excuse, instead of just owning our decisions, owning our choice, and realising we have the power.  We can choose to show up for ourselves, or we can choose to allow other things affect our results.  It is always our choice.

Lack of sleep/exercise/good nutrition - Without health, we have nothing.

Beating yourself up -  Should be doing it faster/better.  This pulls you back and stops you from moving forward.

The first step in overcoming this, is identifying them.  Once you have identified how, you can stop yourself in your tracks.

Have you noticed anything over the last 6 weeks?

Sometimes we also create drama, to give us a "way out".

Have you started making changes, and then next minute sh!t hits the fan?  You get sick, your kids get sick, the car breaks down, you get fired from your job, you get an injury...the list goes on.  We do this, once again, to give us a reason to sabotage.  It gives us a way out from committing to change.  The Universe is testing us.  How badly do you want it?  Do you really think you deserve it?

When we go a road trip, and there is an accident, or roadworks, and we hit a standstill, we never think "now we aren't going to get there".  We don't turn around and drive home.

Health, weightloss, happiness, confidence, it is all the same.  You can either give up on the first roadblock, if you really don't want to change.  Or you can remain focused, and trusting that you WILL get there.

Identify the patterns.

Work out how YOU self sabotage.

And then you can work on overcoming it.

Stop worrying about if you are doing it the right way.  Trust the process.

Go back to your goals.  Visualise what is on the other side of that.  How do you feel when you are there?

Write all the ways you are self sabotaging.

Write all the ways you have sabotaged in the past.

Run through how you can overcome it.


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