Body Image

Are you searching and looking for something you will never see?

You think that you will love who you are when you are a certain size, or a certain weight.

You are waiting for that number to say "you are enough".

I see it all the time.  Ladies who come to lose weight, they lose weight, and they still see themselves as the "fat" person.  They still don't like the person they are in the mirror.  They still focus on their jiggly bits, or their stretch marks.

It is all in our perception.

We compare ourselves to others.  And we need to stop.

We scroll social media feeds, and see the posed photos, with perfect lighting, filters, and even more, photoshopping.

We look at our peers, and always think they are so much more beautiful, or stronger than us.

If you don't love yourself now, you never will.

Break the toxic cycle.

Embrace who you are.

Acknowledge your own beauty.

Realise that you are so much more than just a number.

Stop waiting until you are certain number to think you are good enough, or to be confident, or to get out there and live life.

Because you will never arrive at the destination.

You will always be seeking more, and more, and more.

Accept yourself now.  Be kind to yourself now.

If you are acting from a place of self love, you are going to change your perception, through daily mindset work, awareness and action.

All of the things we have been speaking about work towards towards this.

Positive body image.

Because the stories are no longer controlling you.

The mean girl is no longer controlling you.

The self loathing is no longer controlling you.

Let it go.

Choose love over fear.

Choose now instead of when.

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