Support Network

This is a tricky one.

I hear you.

“My husband doesn’t want me to go out to the gym” “My family won’t eat the healthy meals I cook”

“My friends tease me because I said I wasn’t going to drink alcohol”

“My relatives think I am ridiculous for trying to be healthy”

There are a lot of voices out there that challenge our own. Whether it is social media, within our own household, extended families and beyond.

Everyone has an opinion on what you are doing, and why.

I have seen women transform their lives, without much support, and without the opportunity to get rid of allllll the temptations in the house.  It can be done, but it is bloody hard I know!

It is hard not to succumb to peer pressure, we all want to feel included and belong.  I get that more than you wouldn’t believe. I haven’t had an alcoholic drink in over 3.5 years now.  I still get the odd comments about “one won’t hurt as a celebration”…. But I don’t drink.  Simple. It is a decision I made for me, not for anyone else. Dr Seuss says, “those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” Remember the comments you may receive that aren’t positive, are generally a direct reflection of that person’s beliefs, hurts or jealousy’s.  As hard as it is, do not take it to heart.  Do not let other people tell you what is best for you.  Only you know that. It takes practice, and the more you do it, the easier it is. But it comes down to believing in yourself, and choosing your support network.  Not everyone around you will understand what you are doing, but make sure you have someone, or a handful of people who do. That is why I love this space.  I created ALF Health so people could have that unwavering support network.  Where there is no judgement and no bitching where you can share your struggles, but also celebrate your wins.It is a wonderful space to be.  Use it.  Use the support.  Use the motivation.  Feel inspired by others without the disheartening comparison spiral. Be vulnerable with your loved ones and family and explain to them why this is so important to you, help them understand if they don’t.  And if someone gives you advice that gets you down, look at them…realllly look at them…. Are they in a position to really be offering this advice, or could their advice be from the wrong place?

Journal all the reasons why other’s opinions bother you, why you let other’s sabotage and talk you out of reaching your goals.  Why are you scared that if you do what YOU want to do that things won’t be the same?  Maybe they won’t be.  They will be better.

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