You Did It!

Deciding to be here already makes you a winner.

We so often talk ourselves out of everything we want, because of fear.

What if we don’t succeed (what is success anyway?)?

What if we don’t reach the goals we want to set?

What if we don’t actually have the discipline or motivation to go through with it, even if it felt good at the time?

What if we fail again?

It is so easy to get caught in the what ifs, but let’s say this for a second.

You DID it!

This is either the first, or another step, that you have taken towards becoming a better version of yourself.

And you know what?  Sometimes that decision won’t be “The One”.  It won’t be the one that gives you the miracle.  But it is a step.  And this is a LIFETIME journey.

There will be lessons that give us the opportunity to grow and move forward.

There will be something within the next ten weeks that you need to be to move forward.

It is not wasted.

There is no perfect outcome.

The perfect outcome is that you are here, that you know somewhere inside of yourself, that you are worthy of being a priority.  And for that second when you signed up, you believed in you.  Hold onto that, even when that raging mean girl tries telling you something else.  You are here for a reason.

I know that you want to feel more comfortable in your clothes.

I know that you want to have more energy.

I know that you want to be able to keep up with your kids.

I know that you want to be a healthy, happy weight on the scales.

I know that you want to be fit and strong enough to go on adventures.

I know that you want to like what you see in your reflection.

I know that you want to stop abusing your body with binge emotional eating.

I know that you want to stop being embarrassed to go in public.

Whatever your reason for being here, it is possible for you.

You just need to believe.

You need to control what you can control and take the steps that are designed to support you.

I have been where you are.

Wondering what to do, what to try, what to eat, how to workout.

I have been busy using the excuse “I don’t have time.”

I have looked in the mirror and felt disgusted.

I have felt guilty because I did something for me, instead of doing everything for everyone else.

Yep, but what I learnt was this:

When I give myself even small snippets of time, I am better.

I am more patient.

I have more energy.

I love deeper.

I am more present.

I am happier.

I have MORE to give.

I am a better wife, friend, daughter, trainer, person.

I learnt that it isn’t selfish to take that time, it is essential.  Because I cant believe what everyone else wants to be, if I am not looking after myself too.  And you know what?  Those around me can see that.  And they encourage it.  It is like that saying, “happy wife, happy life”.  As females, we hold so much together around us.  Make sure you are filling your cup first.

The next ten weeks we are going to be looking at your environment, your thoughts, your actions, to ensure that we can put in daily and weekly habits designed to give you what you need.

Set yourself up.

This isn’t about adding to your overwhelm.

You are about to supported, valued and heard.

You are about to learn things that you need to be that person you want to be.

You are about to have access to workouts you can do when you don’t have time, questions to ask yourself to uncover the blocks holding you back, and advice and knowledge to be the healthiest, happiest and most energetic person you can be.

I am so excited!

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