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Having a Personal Trainer can be the missing link in achieving the results you want and moving forward towards a happier and healthier life.


Amanda offers boxing weekly but don’t worry – if boxing isn’t for you, there will be a booty workout or a full body circuit option for you to do alongside us!   



Our fusion sessions deliver the best of both worlds.  Think high heart rate, sweat, a rush of positive endorphins and then slowing it right down as we breathe, and flow, through a guided stretch to finish in absolute bliss.  Yes please!  


Our supercharged, fast paced sweaty sessions designed to get the heart rate up, and the positive endorphins flowing.  But don’t worry!  Like all of our sessions, we still cater for all fitness levels so you will find our low impact and less intensity options within this session as well.  Take your pick and work at your own level and ability!   

Slow Burn

Of course we include low impact sessions incorporating weights and slower movements designed to tone and strengthen the body, without the high intensity.  Discover the benefits of slow burn movements and achieve optimal balance.

Female Fitness Studio

Our personalised, ladies only gym sessions are held at Amanda’s private training studio in Kensington Grove.  These exclusive sessions offer more weights, more personalised technique advice and motivation.  We focus on upper body, lower body, as well as full body sessions to keep it fun & interesting!  Our 8:30am and 9:15am sessions offer free babysitting assistance. 

Breathe. Move. Be

 Slow down, stretch, breathe and let the stress from the day and the week go with Amanda.  Stretch the body and rest the mind.  These guided sessions are designed to improve your recovery, reduce your muscular aches and pains, increase your flexibility and range of motion, reduce stress and just give back to yourself.  On the days where you feel overwhelmed and exhausted, this is where you can turn to.  It is all about finding balance and giving yourself permission to relax and breathe, and prioritising recovery when participating in higher intensity, and weighted workouts.  Finding balance to flourish. 


I’ve been training with ALF since January 2017 when a friend convinced me to join her at Saturday boot camp.
I moved to Adelaide in December 2109 for a year and had to say goodbye which was very hard. But it didn’t last long as I signed up for virtual when COVID hit so I could keep joining my favourite trainers and the ALF tribe in workouts.
I love that they have so many options available. Different locations, times & in person plus virtual. It makes it a really inclusive space which I love.
My quality of life has changed significantly since starting with ALF. I am so much fitter & really know how to better look after my body & nutrition. My IBS has improved tenfold & I have a lot more energy for life!
My favourite thing about ALF is the friendships I’ve made with the trainers and the tribe. Everyone is so encouraging & will motivate each other with a smile any day of the week.


I finally bit the bullet and joined ALF Health in January of 2019 after watching the Facebook page for several months prior. I was too nervous to do it on my own so I asked a friend of mine to sign up with me. I was done having children but I wasn’t happy within myself. I was depressed, sluggish, moody, all kinds of emotions and I thought it was because of my weight, that I was feeling this way.

Man, was that first session hard! I thought for sure I was going to die (okay a little over exaggerated), but you know what it got easier. It got easier because I found a sense of belonging, this tribe has accepted me as one of their own and their support is the reason I’m still with them today. They all have my back and I have all of theirs, both inside and outside of the fitness.

ALF Health has turned out to be the life changing push I never knew I needed. Through the mindset coaching, caring and support from the trainers, I’m on my path of self discovery and finally finding my true me. I see light at the end of the tunnel now and I am so blessed to have ALF there walking beside me every step of the way.


I have been training with ALF for 2 and a half years.  I had been watching ALF for some time and enquired about sessions however given ALF was only at one location I was unable to attend and commit until the sessions were brought to Gatton. Then I knew I had to join as I loved the vibe I followed on social media!

My favourite thing about ALF is the friendships I have formed. For not only myself, but given my girls also attend sessions with me, it has been fantastic to see them create beautiful friendships as well which has extended outside of ALF.

My life has improved mentally and physically since training 3 days a week with ALF. I increased to unlimited virtual when COVID hit as I didn’t want my mental health especially to fail me in such a tough time. And physically I believe this is when I became the strongest I had ever been as well!

I have gained more awareness of my bodies needs since joining ALF.  This is something I never expected as I already thought I had enough knowledge to support my body in what I thought it needed. It has also made me look for other ways to nurture myself and my body by seeking help for my nutrition 💜

Amanda is the whole reason ALF exists.  Without her so many women would be lost as to where to start or how to start.
Amanda supports you when she knows you need it but she is also there to push you when she knows your body can push that little bit further. Because that’s where the magic happens 💜

Kyrsten has been my main trainer since I started at Gatton.  I can still remember my first session with her very clearly but not for the bad all for the good.
It makes me appreciate her unwavering support on good days and bad days. I think it’s safe to say she knows me just as well as I know myself. That’s pretty rare to find in a trainer. 💜

To both Amanda and Kyrsten you’re not a number, or an expectation, you are seen, heard, supported, guided, loved and most of all part of the best tribe!! 💓


I have been training with ALF for just over 4 years. Probably the main reason I joined ALF was the fact that Amanda was my daughter and I had been watching her page for some months, and thought maybe she can help me.
After doing a bit of 1:1 training with her, I realised how good it was making me feel mentally and physically. I then started at group training and Amanda also put together a nutrition plan that I followed and the weight fell off fairly quickly, so with good balanced nutrition and training 2 or 3 times per week, my life changed.
My favourite thing about ALF is I know we can go there and not be judged, we get exercises to suit our needs, after 4 years and being 62 years old, there are some things I still cannot do, but it’s no trouble at all to be given an alternative, that we can do and feel comfortable with.
For many years I was unhappy with life, on medication for cholesterol, anxiety, and actually thought I was happy in my own skin. My self esteem had been nil for all of my adult life, but losing around 12 Kilos, changing my diet, and incorporating 2 to 3 classes a week with ALF along with my daily walking schedule I felt the happiest I have felt in my entire life. After just a few short months I gave my cholesterol tablets away, for the last couple of years my medication for anxiety has halved.
I love attending the sessions and seeing all the beautiful ladies I have become friends with, I come away with a glow I could never have imagined I would ever feel.
I didn’t know what to expect when starting with ALF, but I know now that it was the best decision I ever made, and I will keep attending sessions and enjoying the friendships I have made for as long as I am able.
Amanda and Kyrsten push you when needed, let you do what you need to do if you have a problem area, so you feel comfortable, and they both put 120% into every class, and there is no class the same.
So many people have noticed my new found confidence and happiness, I have no hesitation in recommending ALF to anyone, no matter what age group they are in.
❤️❤️❤️ my new life I am just sorry I couldn’t find this a long long time ago.


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