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Our Mission

We help tired and overwhelmed females who are unhappy with their body take small, achievable steps so that they can have more energy, more confidence, reach their ideal weight and feel less stressed in their everyday life, through balanced movement, nutrition and mindset coaching.

Our Story

In 2015, ALF Health: Fitness & Nutrition was born.
After realising how powerful regular movement and balanced nutrition was in her own journey towards improved health and happiness, Amanda discovered an intense passion for supporting other women towards self-acceptance and more confidence.

Originally starting as a local Hatton Vale bootcamp, ALF Health quickly become Lockyer Valley’s only exclusive female fitness community expanding to Gatton, Glenore Grove, Plainland and Forest Hill.  However, in 2022, Amanda made the decision to return to where it all started and continues to offer an extensive timetable with female fitness gym sessions at her private studio at Kensington Grove, and virtually, from anywhere in Australia.

In 2020, our Breathe. Move. Be, Finding Balance to Flourish, philosophy was created.


We have discovered the power in slowing down, and that is exactly what we want to help you do as well.  Life can be crazy.  We get it.  The never ending to do lists, work, children, extracurricular activities, running a household, relationships and finances, the list goes on.  It is time to give yourself permission to stop and breathe.  To enjoy the moment.  To take a step back.  To slow down.  We know it feels impossible when you are in a constant state of juggling, overwhelm and anxiety, but this is when it is even more important, this is where the magic happens.  Check in with yourself, reduce stress, improve productivity, feel happier, and experience the ripple effect it has within all areas of your life.


Through movement, we discover health, confidence, more energy, less stress, and a physical and emotional strength that can change our relationships and our lives.  We strongly believe in listening to your body, and acknowledging that how you move one day, may not be the way you move the next.  We offer a range of sessions from gentle stretching through to higher intensity, so that you can listen to, and honour your needs, while still getting the priceless support, accountability, and the results.  The ability to move our body is such a gift, and a powerful way that we can show respect, gratitude and love for all it allows us to do! 


We give you permission to be exactly as you are, knowing that every day, and every week might look differently, but no matter what, you are always enough.  We encourage you to let go of the comparisons, the judgements and the expectations.  We help you accept every version of yourself and feel confident showing up every day.  We help you believe that YOU are always worth it and that your best is always enough.


Say goodbye to quick fixes, crash diets, starving yourself, or restricting your favourite foods.  Give yourself permission to stop punishing your body every single day hoping to reach a certain number on the scales.  Discover the beauty in finding balance.  Everything will become easier and feel more enjoyable.  Balance is about loving the life you live, as the happiest, healthiest, and most confident version of yourself.


Everyone deserves to feel amazing and that is exactly what we are passionate about helping you feel!  We personally coach and support women on their journey to accept their body, gain confidence, achieve a healthy weight, feel stronger and more motivated, have more energy to play with their kids, find the self-belief to change careers, wear their favourite outfit, improve their relationships and so much more.  Whether you start out on a weight loss journey, or just want to feel comfortable in your own skin, you can and will absolutely achieve that and in the process, discover so much more.

I have been training with ALF for about 8 months now and cannot believe I didn’t join sooner then I did! I was a member at a normal gym before joining ALF and just wasn’t getting the support that I wanted. I found the group on Facebook and trialled a session and found that this was everything I wanted (and needed)! The first session I attended, Kyrsten met me with a huge smile and everyone was so friendly and welcoming that it was naturally super enjoyable. My favourite thing about ALF is the consistent support provided from not only the trainers but also the tribe. I look forward to every session whether it be gym, tabata, stretching and even the slow burns.


I have been training with ALF since late 2018 after seeing a work colleague of mine training with them and the physical transformation she was undergoing. With that in mind I joined ALF thinking that it was a fitness group for women, which of course it is, but it is so much more. What I found was that, not only is ALF centred around 2 amazing trainers that want to help women get more from life in every way, they had also provided a “no judgement” environment that has fostered a true sense of community. Amanda and Kyrsten thoughtfully alter sessions for a magnitude of different fitness levels and physical capabilities to allow all the ladies attending to safely get the most out of their sessions. Through the Better You programs and the regular content shared through the ALF Facebook pages, I have learnt so much about mindset, nutrition and gratitude in addition to the fitness side of things. On top of all this, I have had the pleasure of meeting some amazing local woman that I am now lucky enough to call my friends. I am forever grateful for finding ALF and being brave enough to join their Tribe.


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